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Course of a Norman Turner

Settled in Pont L'évêque, in the hearth of  Pays d’Auge, crossroads of the axes Caen/Rouen and Paris/Deauville, i created in 1984 a restoration workshop of pieces of furniture ,area of the "Long Clos" in a building used to distil the Calvados.

Wood-turning fanatic,  i decide in 1991 to make it my principal activity. Equiped with a Bezombes HB2 and of an old "tour à poteaux", i subcontract all the work pieces that the regional companies need. Very attached to the manual arts and ardent supporter of the craft, i only use hand tower.

According to the years, I transform a part of the building into place of exposure in a decoration set of 1900's shops , where I present my sour wooden creations as well as my collection of former wooden toys.

This very visited place, allows me to become known the shooting of art, underestimated in this region.

Repeated requests, from amateurs and professionals of the wood, gave me the idea to pass on my know-how and to open in 2003, a training center in the wood-turning.

Atelier du Tournage
Luc Moreau
La Taillade
Beaumont du Périgord
24440 Beaumontois en Périgord